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Witches: 1692-Today

Witches have been hunted and persecuted all over the world, but Salem is the only place on earth known as Witch City. Join us as we explore the long history of The Witch, its social significance, and the events that led to the hysteria of 1692. We'll follow the winding path of witch hunts from Europe to Massachusetts Bay Colony and examine how the small seaside town of Salem became a Halloween mecca. 


  • Stop at the controversial Bewitched Statue, the First Church of the Puritans, the original courthouse, the site of Bridget Bishop's Tavern, the Old Gaol site, the first witch store, the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, and a Hocus Pocus filming location

  • Gain a fuller understanding of the Salem Witch Trials and compare theories

  • Investigate The Witch archetype and its use in targeting The Other

  • Learn about witch hunts across continents and time periods, including today

  • Understand how class, gender, race, and religion affected the Trials

  • Discuss different kinds of magic and belief systems throughout history

  • Decipher myth from fact in the many recreations of 1692 events

  • Follow the commercialization of The Witch in Salem's tourist industry

2 hours. 10+ stops. 12 people max. Group: $35pp


Talking to Spirits

There's a real history of the occult in Salem, and it has nothing to do with the Witch Trials of 1692. During the Victorian Era, Salem was a hotbed for Spiritualism, a movement that believes in communicating with the dead through seances and psychics.  At its peak, Spiritualism had over eight million followers in the United States and Europe alone. Queens, best-selling authors, president's wives - they were all Spiritualists.  And the movement went hand in hand with the fight for women's rights and the end of slavery. Yet Spiritualism is rarely mentioned in our history books. Come along as we follow the rise and decline of the Salem’s Spiritualist movement and discover how our continued obsession with the occult has shaped Witch City.


  • Visit Salem's First Spiritualist Church, still operating today in the Historic District

  • See the lecture hall where mediums from around the world gathered

  • Examine the role Spiritualism played in shifting views on women and slavery

  • Hear the tragic story of Salem's most famous psychic

  • Discover how the Ouija Board was transformed into a board game

  • Find the theater where magician and psychic debunker Harry Houdini performed

  • Explore mesmerism, table tipping, ectoplasm, and magnetic healing

  • Discuss the erasure of the occult from our collective history


  • Pictorial zine with historic images of mediums, seances, and spirit photography

2 hours. 10+ stops. 12 people max. Group: $35/pp

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