Jessica B., San Diego, CA

I travelled with a group of witches to Salem over the weekend and Mellissa's tour Withes 1692-present was EVERYTHING! To have the perspective of a woman, historian, and Salem native respectfully and carefully guide us through the heartbreaking history and complexities of the modern witch experience alongside commercialism was the antidote we needed after a wide-eyed tour of some of the more typical tourist spots. I felt that we were invited to participate in an evolving discussion and that her insights into 'othering' are exactly where the current discourse should live. Melissa's overall warmth, sense of humor and curiosity made the tour intimate and fun. Overall I would say , for me, this was one of the highlights of our visit and if you are looking for something authentic and heartfelt then this is the one.

Tiffany, Salem, MA

This tour was amazing. 4 of us local girls took this tour on an April morning hoping for something new and refreshing to do together. I have to admit I was a little taken aback when I saw that this NOW Age Travel tour included the Witch Dungeon and the Witch Museum; but I went into it with an open mind and we all immediately got swept into the real theme and purpose of this unique and eye-opening tour. First of all our tour guide Melissa was AMAZING. She was so knowledgeable, funny, laid-back and.. just so cool. Getting into each location, the bite to eat, the personal guided tour, the evolving discussion.. everything is included in the price of this tour and you won't regret the cost. This is a great experience for both locals and visiting guests alike. Whether it's your first time visiting Salem or your millionth time walking through the Witch Trials Memorial I promise you, you will not regret seeing the real, authentic Salem on the 'Up With Witches' tour. It's been 3 days and I'm still thinking deeply about some of the themes and topics we discussed and discovered. Also wondering how I've lived here so long and never noticed some of the things Melissa pointed out. So glad I took this journey with friends.

Kristina E., Twin Cities, MN

My tour was an authentic experience with a genuine spirit of discovery. Melissa is the epitome of thoughtful kindness and a knowledgeable, supportive guide. She offers not just a true historical tour of Salem, but an opportunity for respite and a journey of self reflection guided by intuition and tarot. Melissa knows Salem's quiet and beautiful corners beyond a veneer image of the Witch City. A tour with NowAge is a one of a kind, special just for you, boutique experience. Full of wonders it was exactly the magic I was seeking in Salem.

Kailey T, Philadelphia, PA

Something Entirely New! I've been visiting Salem regularly for over ten years. I've seen nearly all the museums and I'm well acquainted with most of the major sights. When my fiancé and I saw this new tour with a feminist angle, we knew we had to try it out. We chose the two-hour History of Spiritualism walking tour, and it was fabulous. Melissa was an incredibly lovely tour guide who wowed the whole group with her seemingly endless esoteric knowledge of Salem & the Spiritualist Movement. We learned tons about the city and visited landmarks I never knew existed. Definitely worth every bit. Truly one of the most fascinating tours!

Joanneke B.

"Fun tour of Salem"This was a terrific tour of the Salem downtown area. It was historical and the small group made it perfect! We could hear our guide who was very well informed and after seeing the other tours - I believe that this is the best bet. The tour guide had accurate information and did not embellish. It was REALLY fun!

M. Rendon

"Fabulous tour!"Took the Witches: 1692-Today tour and loved it! This tour was very unique and unlike any other tour I have done in Salem. I love that Melissa keeps the tour group nice and small for a truly intimate experience. A very insightful look into this historical town. Can't wait to check out one of the other tours offered by Now Age travel + Healing the next time we are in Salem.

Sophia M., Sea Ranch, CA

Our group of four recently took the Witches 1692-Today walking tour with Melissa. I would highly recommend this tour for a deeper look at the Witch Trials, not only in the context of Salem but in the larger historical picture. There is so much more to this than what we "learned' in the history books in school. Melissa was friendly and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a unique Salem walking tour experience.

Eliza A

"Really makes you think about "witch" culture!" My two girlfriends and I decided to book the "Witches: 1692 - Today" tour over Halloween weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience! We loved the socio-cultural perspective that was brought by taking us through the history of witch craft as it has been portrayed in the US . I really felt like we "got off the beaten path", but still had the opportunity to see and understand the important historical sites. It left us questioning why it's become acceptable to celebrate what really is an American tragedy (and made for some great conversation at a local bar recommended by our tour guide afterwards!). As 3 academics, we can be difficult to please and challenge intellectually (not interested in a ghost tour) - which is exactly why we booked this tour! Thanks so much - we will be back and can't wait to learn more next time!


My friends and I really enjoyed the History of Spiritualism tour. Our guide, Melissa, provided us with a zine of historical images and spoke about the links between Spiritualism and the civil rights and feminism movements. The tour was more akin to taking a class, rather than the usual Salem "haunted fanfare" that attracts so many tourists. Our walk through the parts of town usually not seen was BEAUTIFUL. We had a perfect fall day and even met a sweet cat who followed us for a bit. Thanks so much!

Meredith W., Atlanta, GA

I scheduled a Tarot Walking Tour with Melissa for my sister's birthday. The tour was phenomenal! It was definitely unexpected, as the four of us had little to no experience with tarot and its uses. Melissa matched up each of us on the tour with a particular tarot card, and thus took us to specific places based on the card we drew. She brought along lavender cookies and delicious tea, as well as a surprise birthday brownie for my sister.

After the tour, I went and did a mini Reiki session with Jessica. That, too, was incredible. I booked a Reiki + Aromatherapy for my sister, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

I would recommend this experience to anyone, as they have several different themed walking tours aligning with different spots all over Salem.

Micheal I., New Orleans, LA

uper fun and informative tour with Melissa where we learned all about spiritualism and visited some amazing spots around Salem. A perfect welcome for this first-time visitor.

Chris M., Minneapolis, MN

Want to give a shout out and thank you to Melissa of NOW Age for the cool Ghosts of Buildings Past walking tour. Very interesting, immersing, and surprising in terms of what I thought I knew about Salem vs. the facts. Highly recommended, and for locals too!

Jessie F., Greenfield, MA

I have had so many wonderful and magical experiences with NOW Age Travel + Healing so far!!

*Healing Herbs Walking Tour w/ Madeline Mooney: My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this herbal tour around Salem. We learned about all the wonderful herbs that could be found right on our sidewalks that we thought were plain ol' weeds. Madeline has such a lovely fairy-like spirit and is very knowledgeable of the health and witchy/spiriritual properties of herbs. We had a lovely picnic with lavender cookies and delicious teas. The whole experience was lovely!

*Tarot Reading + Custom Gem Essence w/ Lauren Hall: I arrived several minutes late due to crazy traffic (never underestimate rush hour traffic around the Boston/Essex County area!), I was feeling super bad about it, but Lauren's beautiful and warm presence calmed me down right away. This was a truly life changing tarot card reading - the best one I have ever had! If you are going to get a tarot card reading in Salem - go to Lauren!

*History of Spiritualism Walking Tour w/ Melissa Nierman: I love learning about the Victorian Era and the history of the Occult, so I just had to take this walking tour! Melissa is extremely knowledgeable on this subject, fun, and an all-around marvelous tour guide. It's amazing how strong the Spiritualism movement was in Salem! Now I see Salem in a whole new way. Salem is so much more than just the sad and shameful witch trials that occurred in 1692. It is filled with so much rich history that has been sort of forgotten, but super worth re-discovering! Melissa has a great passion on showing people all the wonderful history that Salem has to offer. Thanks to her, I can now roam the streets of Salem and see it in a whole new light. Want to add something even more magical to your Salem experience? Book a healing and/or tour at NOW Age!

Stephanie V., London, England

It's so wonderful to have experienced two different walking tours with NOW Age, back to back! Both quite different and yet both equally as interesting and fun.

Melissa, the owner of NOW Age, is just the best! She was so great at putting these tours together and making sure the dates worked out for when I was to visit Salem as I was trying to book in advance. I also loved the fact that she came along on the tour with our workshop leader and gave us cool little tidbits of local history as we went along, she really knows her stuff!

Both Grace and Madeline are passionate about what they do and I loved seeing that on each tour. Learning about flowers with Grace and imbibing essences was such a treat and making reiki charged tea and learning about herbs with Madeline was a lovely way to spend a few hours in the beautiful town of Salem.

Each stop on the tour has so much fascinating history and storytelling to it, plus, the treats, gifts and warm and friendly chats make hanging out with these folks such a pleasure.

These are tours like no other and run by wonderful people - absolutely worth it.

Amelia E., Cleveland, OH

My best friend and I went on the Witching the Written Word tour. This was a transformative experience! If you are creatively inclined and hope to see Salem in a new way, then this is the tour for you! The writing tour was more generative (to use Lauren's word) and inspirational than we ever could have imagined. We were able to learn about the history of Salem, gain local knowledge, and visit unique literary-themed locations that we wouldn't have known to check out on our own. Each stop was steeped in history and brimming with creative energy. It was such an authentic and unique way to see the city, and to learn about Salem and ourselves.

Easily, one of the best parts of the tour was meeting Lauren and Melissa. Lauren's passion for literature, history, and writing was clear throughout our entire experience. We were lucky enough to have Melissa, founder of Now Age Travel, on our tour. Her knowledge and sweetness truly amplified an already amazing experience. Both women's kindness, knowledge, and energy made us feel like we were visiting old haunts with old friends.

We also received two 1/2 hour tarot card readings from Lauren later in the day. Her philosophy on tarot reading, ability to pick up on our personalities, and empowering guidance truly made this a trip we will never forget!

This is truly a unique and authentic way to see Salem!

Sean A., Cambridge, MA

"The REAL Salem Witch Tour..."We did the tour "Witches: 1692-Today". If you want to understand the real history of "Witches" in Salem within the actual historical context, take this tour! Melissa's tour was a respectful, intimate and thought provoking experience that I would recommend to those who have genuine interest in learning about the true events, characters and beliefs from that time. I went with my wife and cousin and we couldn't stop talking about it the whole ride back to Cambridge. We will definitely be returning for other tours and workshops!

Samantha R., Quincy, California

We took the Spiritualism walking tour with Melissa and absolutely loved it! Melissa was knowledgeable, passionate and very personable. I would recommend this tour to anyone looking for a new and wonderful way to see parts of Salem you wouldn't on any other tour.

Diane D., Salem, MA

"Fun for locals too!"I've lived in downtown Salem for over 10 years and I truly enjoyed the' Witches: 1692-Today' tour which we did on a busy October Saturday night. Melissa is a wonderful, knowledgeable guide who gives a tour with a modern perspective on the history of our witch city. I highly recommend this tour if you live in Salem and want a fun activity to entertain guests. I love learning about things I walk by every day and didn't even notice.Thank you for an amazing experience!

C. Kelly, Richmond, VA

Beautiful Shop with Amazing Tours! Me and my friend did an AMAZING 2 hour tour organized through the shop and it's the best thing we did in Salem. It was called the Witches: 1692 walking tour. No gimmicks, no lanterns or microphones. Just authentic history that tells the real story of Salem and the origins of witches in general. Our guide was so well informed and well read. I usually don't like tours and I LOVED this one. Highly recommend if you want to beat the tourist traps and have an intimate experience.

Amanda P.

"Fantastic "Tarot Journey""My daughters and I went on the Tarot Journey Tour with Melissa our tour guide. We had a very pleasant afternoon learning the tarot cards. Melissa knew her history of Salem and she definitely took us to interesting parts of Salem which we hadn't been with other tours. Our end of tour picnic was excellent. I really enjoyed the tea, considering I enjoy a cup of coffee more, the tea was really good. I highly recommend this tour if you are visiting Salem.

Melissa S, Bradley Beach, NJ

This isn't your typical tourist-y tour! Melissa is a fantastically knowledgeable guide with a warm and authentic tone. It was so much fun to be taken off the "beaten path" to places in town that we wouldn't think to venture to.

Rae P., Philadelpha, PA

I really can't recommend this group of people enough. On one of my many trips to Salem last May, I discovered Hauswitch (which is an incredible store that can have ALL my money) and found out about Now Age when I asked about a tarot reading. A friend and I both booked readings with Lauren and had incredible, healing, and exciting experiences. She was so welcoming and nurturing! This time on my trip, I made Now Age the centerpiece of my visit. First, we did a waking tour with Melissa (Witches: 1692-Today) and it was incredible. Dark, yes, but informative and fascinating. She graciously answered the many questions we had and made sure we walked away with a deeper understanding of the history of Salem and the witch archetype. The next day, I had a chakra healing session with Zhana and WOW. It completely blew me away and left me with insights and emotions that totally overwhelmed me. Her thoughts were right on the money, and she even gave me crystal recommendations so I could continue my healing work. On top of that, when I stopped by Hauswitch to see if they had the crystals in stock, the girl who was working referred me to her favorite Crystal store in Newburyport, which prompted the BEST day trip I've ever been on. Long story short - these women are open, welcoming, knowledgeable, and fantastic, and if you let them, they will make your trip to Salem incredibly memorable and meaningful!!

Tammy S., Westfield, MA

My friend Laurie and I had the most awesome walking tour of Salem last night with Melissa. It was the perfect ending to our trip and exactly the type of tour we were looking for. Thanks so much for the fun, informative, and AUTHENTIC journey around town. Can't wait for our next visit!

Grayce O., Dix Hills, NY

We did the Tarot Journey, and what an amazing experience it was! Not only was Melissa knowledgeable about Tarot cards, she was able to mesh the history of Salem and come up with our own unique tarot journey through Salem! She had an assortment of delicious treats & warm Tea for our journey as Well! We felt so very grounded after. Would definitely recommend this tour!

Devon K., Boston, MA

An intimate, engaging way to learn more about Salem's history. Melissa is so passionate and knowledgable about Salem history, and her enthusiasm shows on this tour! I took the Ghosts of Salem tour with her, and it was a real treat to see a different side of Salem. Melissa had anecdotes about many places not on our tour, and gave us each handbooks that showed us the buildings she was talking about so we could compare them to the current sites we could see. I really like Melissa's energy, friendliness, and humor. I'll definitely tour with her again!

Robyn G., Salem, MA

The Tarot Journey was so amazing. You have to experience it to understand!

Amy H., Cleveland, OH

Thank you so much for such a transformative experience! The writing tour was more generative (to use Lauren's word) and inspirational than we ever could have imagined. Each location was steeped in history and brimming with creative energy. It was such an authentic and unique way to see the city, and to learn about Salem and ourselves. 

Easily, one of the best parts of the tour was meeting both of you. Your kindness, knowledge, and energy made us feel like we were visiting old haunts with old friends. We are especially thankful for you pointing out the most authentic and reasonably priced places for supplies. As baby witches early in our practice, we appreciated your encouragement and guidance. We can't thank you (and the universe) enough for our day together.

These experiences are ones we will take with us for the rest of our lives. You both made a simple trip to Salem into a life-changing experience.  Thank you both for your friendship, openness, and empowerment!

Gwynneth B., Boston, MA

I had the most amazing and magical time taking the crystal rocks + reiki walking workshop! It was refreshing, interesting and empowering. I will be returning to magical witch city to take another wonderful walking workshop! Thank you to the ladies at Now age travel+healing!

Meghan F., U.K.

Cannot recommend NOW Age Travel enough! Really loved my first tour - an alternative history of the occult - this evening. It was interesting, funny, feminist - and exactly what I was hoping for but didn't know I needed!

Heather S., Lynn, MA

I attended the NOW Age Writing Workshop. This is an excellent way for anyone - tourist or local - to explore their creativity and Salem's history. I highly recommend this Workshop - and I look forward to attending other Workshops at NOW Age Travel!

Ana C., Salem, MA

I took the Ghosts of Buildings Past tour. I admit to hating walking tours in general, and I absolutely recommend Now Age. Melissa has done a great job of creating unique experiences throughout Salem. The Ghosts of Buildings Past tour was super informative and I learned things about Salem I had no idea about, even though I've lived here for 8 years.

Sarah F., Fall River, MA

Had a great time yesterday on the crystals tour! It was a lovely day with like minded women and the tour was fun, creative, and dreamy, as well as informative and educational. Will definitely come back for another

Devon K., Boston, MA

I had a great time with Grace and Melissa at the flower magic tour. It was a really insightful way to see more of Salem, and of course learn about the great flowers and historic gardens in the area. Plus you get to learn about the magic properties of flowers! Too cool! I'll definitely take more tours with Now Age.

Jessica P., Dracut, MA

I had the most beautiful experience taking the tarot walking tour. I learned so much about tarot and the history of Salem. It was a real bonding adventure for my friends and I. I can't recommend this unique journey through tarot and Salem enough. We may even do it again