Immerse yourself in a 4-hour transformational learning experience (field-trip style)


What We Fear

Whether you're of the “don’t make me watch” mindset or a diehard horror fan, this Field Trip is for you. We’ll take to the streets of Salem to explore fear in all its forms and examine what it can teach us about society and ourselves. Together, we'll visit three attractions: a museum of movie monsters, a haunted house, and a recreation of the infamous witch dungeon.


  • Stop at fear-inducing locations, including the former Witch Gaol and Old Burying Point

  • Discuss the intersection of gender, race, and class in what we’re taught to fear

  • Explore the history of monsters and how it mirrors the current events of the time

  • Understand how different groups throughout history have been demonized as monsters

  • See how The Witch as a feared archetype has been used to disempower women

  • Experience a live re-enactment of a real Salem Witch Trial and the hysteria around it

  • Learn about our country’s top fears and where they came from

  • See why we’re drawn to haunted sites of tragedy and spooky encounters

  • Track the commercialization of fear - from thrill rides to haunted houses to Halloween

  • Question your own personal fears and consider ways to face them


4 hours. 3 attractions. 1 snack. 6 people max. Group: $125/pp

Up With Witches!

Looking for a more in-depth version of our Witches: 1692-Today Walking Tour? You found it! Together, we’ll use Salem as our living classroom, exploring how the story of The Witch has been told throughout history and examining its cultural transformation. Along the way, we’ll visit three popular attractions: the original home of a Salem Witch Trials judge, a recreation of a real-life witch dungeon, and Salem’s very first (and most popular) Witch museum.


  • Stop at the controversial Bewitched Statue, the First Church, the original courthouse, site of Bridget Bishop's Tavern, the Old Gaol site, the first witch store, the Old Burying Point, Salem Witch Trials Memorial, and a Hocus Pocus filming location

  • Experience a live reenactment of a Salem Witch Trial based on court transcripts

  • Track Salem's transformation from small seaside town to Halloween mecca

  • Explore the concept of Dark Tourism and why we gravitate to sites of tragedy

  • Learn how different kinds of magic have been used throughout history

  • Understand how gender, class, and race shape witch hunts

  • Discuss The Witch as capitalist commodity

  • See how The Witch has embodied society's greatest fears


4 hours. 3 attractions. 1 snack. 6 people max. Group: $125/pp

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