Dive into the metaphysical with a 3-hour on-the-go workshop led by a local healer.

Tarot Journey

Tarot isn't just about the future – it's a mirror for where we are now. Join Melissa Nierman, founder of NowAge and co-creator of Tarot Salon at HausWitch, for a hands-on "Fool's Journey" through Salem. We'll pull cards to dictate our route (every tour is different) and practice reading for each other in a group along the way.  Open to Tarot readers of all levels.


  • Visit 4+ historic sites around downtown Salem

  • Explore how archetypes of the Major Arcana are reflected in real life

  • Try out unique Tarot spreads inspired by the energies of the Major Arcana 

  • Have a personalized Tarot reading interpreted and receive intuitive messages

  • Read Tarot within a supportive group setting

  • Learn ways of connecting with intuition and symbolism

  • Take home different spreads helpful for reflecting on daily life

  • Enjoy picnic snacks from a local bakery 


  • A deck to use during the journey 

  • Tarot Zine complete with meanings, tips, and Tarot spreads

  • Picnic snacks from a local bakery


3 hours. 3+ stops. 1 picnic. 5 people max. $65 per person.


Flower Magic

The flowers are blooming in Witch City! Join herbalist and energy healer Grace Harrington Murdoch in a blossom-filled journey through the historic gardens of downtown Salem and explore the many ways flowers can be used to bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance.


  • Visit 3 historic gardens around downtown Salem

  • Identify the different healing properties of local flowers in bloom

  • Learn the step-by-step process of creating flower essences

  • Sample different flower essences and experience the energy effects

  • Shop for flower essences at HausWitch, our favorite modern witch store

  • Discuss the history of Salem's most beautiful public gardens 

  • Practice meditation techniques for tuning into intuition and plant energy

  • Bottle your own flower essence in an outdoor closing ceremony


  • All flower essence making supplies and your own bottle to bring home

  • Floral tea, and local sweet treats picnic 

  • Admission to the seaside garden at the


3 hours. 3+ stops. 1 picnic. 8 people max. $65 per person.


Sacred Geology

Crystal enthusiasts unite! If you already love crystals, this tour will make you love them even more. Join Jessica Jones Lavoie, Reiki Master healer, artist and degreed geologist, on a rocking adventure through the streets of downtown Salem. 


  • Visit 3+ witchy shops around downtown Salem

  • Learn the magical uses and scientific properties of different crystals and rocks

  • Stop at the largest crystal shop in Witch City for shopping and learning

  • Explore the geological features of Salem and how they've changed over time

  • Crack your own geod to take home

  • Visit The Salem Witch Trial Memorial and offer a rose quartz blessing

  • Discuss the power of crystals, collective meditation, and quantum healing

  • Experience a guided journey of Salem’s geological history - her birth story

  • Participate in a Crystal Earth healing ceremony by the ocean

  • Create and bottle your own gem essence to take home


  • One geod crystal of your choice

  • A custom gem essence bottled as a group

  • Picnic snacks from a local bakery

3 hours. 3+ stops. 1 picnic. 8 people max. $65 per person.


Healing Herbs

Even the most common herbs withhold the magic to heal our mind, body, and spirit. Join herbalist, Reiki Master, and tea maker Madeline Mooney in a magical exploration of the historic uses and healing properties of herbs growing all around us. We'll walk the streets of downtown Salem and learn everything there is to know about creating your own herbal teas. 


  • Visit 3+ historical sites and witchy shops around downtown Salem

  • Identify the magical healing properties of herbs growing all around us

  • Explore 17th century uses of herbs and folklore at an original Puritan home

  • Learn the step-by-step process of creating medicinal teas

  • Practice meditation techniques for connecting with plants and your intuition

  • Enjoy an herbal tea tasting with sweet treats

  • Study common weeds at the beautiful Salem Commons

  • Create your own custom tea blend 


  • All herbal tea making supplies and your own jar to bring home

  • Herbal tea tasting and local sweet treats

  • Admission to the Witch House


3 hours. 3+ stops. 1 picnic. 8 people max. $65 per person.

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