Dive into the metaphysical with a 3-hour on-the-go hands-on workshop led by a local healer

Tarot Journey

Tarot isn't just about the future – it's a mirror for where we are now. Join Melissa Nierman, founder of NowAge and co-creator of Tarot Salon at HausWitch, for a hands-on "Fool's Journey" through Salem. We'll pull cards to dictate our route (every tour is different) and reading collectively along the way. Open to Tarot readers of all levels.


  • Visit 4+ historic sites around downtown Salem

  • Practice reading Tarot intuitively within a supportive group setting

  • Learn the basics of Tarot and connecting with your intuition through the cards

  • Have a personalized Tarot reading interpreted by the group

  • Try out unique Tarot spreads inspired by the energies of the Major Arcana 

  • Explore how archetypes of the Major Arcana are reflected in real life

  • Take home different Tarot spreads to try out at home

  • Enjoy Reiki-charged tea and fresh-baked picnic snacks


  • Tarot Zine complete with meanings, tips, and Tarot spreads

  • Admission to any historical sites that are drawn

3 hours. 3+ stops. 6 people max. Group: $75/PP

Don’t see the date you’re looking for? Have a private group? Send us a note.

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Herb Witch

Even the most common herbs hold the power to heal our mind, body, and spirit. Join local Salem herbalist and witch, Kate Laurel, in a hands-on exploration of the history and healing properties of the plants and herbs growing all around us. A percentage of every tour will go towards the Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness


  • Explore 17th century herbal folk magic at the home of a former Witch Trial’s judge

  • Visit beautiful historic gardens around downtown Salem

  • Learn about the erasure of the area’s Indigenous peoples and their plant knowledge

  • Identify the healing properties of the plants growing all around us - even on sidewalks!

  • Stop at Salem’s first and only witch-owned apothecary

  • Talk about the importance of the term “witch” and its changing role throughout history

  • Discuss the demonization of women’s herbal folk practices and other pagan traditions

  • Tap into your intuition to create a custom herbal tea blend to bring home

  • Enjoy a garden picnic of Reiki-charge herbal tea and fresh-baked treats


  • All herbal tea making supplies and your own jar to keep

  • Admission to the Witch House


Thursday, August 1st 10am-1pm

3 hours. 3+ stops. 6 people max. Group: $75pp

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