We are NowAge AKA friends who met at a Monthly Moon meditation.



Melissa is the catcher of this crazy dream – a wanderer who loves this planet, but is likely from another.  She's a trained clairvoyant, Reiki practitioner, feminist history nerd, and Master of Education. She guides the Tarot Journey walking workshop , our two walking tours Talking to Spirits and Witches: 1692-Today, and our half-day fields trips, Up with Witches! and What We Fear. In addition, she's the co-creator of Tarot Salon, which you can catch each month at HausWitch in Salem, and Yes, Wolf Spirit in Rockport. 



Evolving Light

Jess is the Mother of Rocks – and Nora and Leo (the cutest kids around). She's a seriously smart degreed geologist, Reiki Master, and co-creator of the LightHaus brand of essential oil cleaning products. She guides the Sacred Geology walking workshop and offers supremely grounding Reiki sessions, crystal consultations, custom aromatherapy blends, and one-on-one Wall Spells at the HausWitch Healing Space. Jess loves talking about the moon, protecting our water, and posting dreaming Instagram stories from the beach.



Four Directions Integrative Health

Everyone jokes that Grace is an angel (except they're not really joking). She's practically an encyclopedia for the healing arts and has more healing modalities under her light-filled belt than even seems possible for someone younger than 100. Grace is a Reiki Master Teacher, Astrologist, Herbalist, founder of and is the creatrix behind the Flowers & Stars brand of hand-crafted flower essences and oils. You can find her showing off pretty gardens on our Magic Flowers walking workshop



Moon Child Reiki and Herbals

Madeline is one of the few people in this world who can make anyone believe in fairies, because she probably is one. She's a Reiki Master and herbalist who has her own line of Reiki-infused herbal teas. A modern day Dr. Doolitle, she receives messages from animal spirits and is the caretaker of a powerful one-eared black cat named Jasper. Join her for private healing sessions at HausWitch Healing Space, like Reiki and custom herbal tea blends, and explore with her on our Healing Herbs walking workshop