Tarot Experiences


Tap into your intuition with one our unique hands-on experiences

Note: Indoor workshops are held at the cozy HausWitch Healing Space or HausWitch store in downtown Salem or can be brought to you for an additional charge.


Tarot Journey Tour - 2 or 3hr

Perfect for small groups (6 or less) who want to explore Salem, while exploring the Tarot. 

This intimate workshop-on-the-go will take you on a, literal, “Fool’s Journey,” through the streets of Witch City (and yourself), as you learn and practice Tarot along the way. We’ll start off with a quick Tarot introduction that’s adapted to wherever you’re at in your practice - from total newbie to long-time reader. And then the fun really begins! Everyone will pull a Major Arcana card that matches the energy of a mystery site somewhere in Salem. We’ll go wherever the cards take us and at each site, the person who pulled the site’s card will receive a collective reading from the group. Every tour is different and totally unique to the participants!


  • Experience reading Tarot outside picnic-style

  • Connect with the energies of historic sites all around downtown Salem

  • Practice interpreting the Tarot in a supportive group format 

  • Learn to use the symbolism of Tarot to tap into your own inner knowing

  • Receive your own personalized reading and guidance from the group


  • Tarot workbook with hot Tarot tips

  • Local Reiki-charged tea + picnic snacks (3hrs only)


Saturday, September 14th 10am-1pm

Friday, November 1st 10am-1pm

Runs May-October. If the weather is bad, we’ll run it as the indoor Tarot Journey Workshop

2-3 hours. 6 people max. Private group pricing starts at $200


Tarot Journey Workshop - 2 or 3hr

Perfect for small groups (6 or less) that want a cozy indoor experience 

Experience the power of collective magical learning in this one-of-a-kind private workshop that brings the adventure of the Tarot Journey Tour inside. As opposed to traditional Tarot classes, the learning will be almost entirely hands-on. All readings will be done collectively where the entire group creates a personalized reading for each participant. We’ll start off with some Tarot basics and tips about reading intuitively. Each person will pull a Major Arcana card that is matched to a particular Tarot spread inspired by the energy of the card. Every workshop will be different! If there’s 6 people, we’ll have 6 group readings!


  • Practicing building meaningful Tarot interpretations in an intimate group

  • Learn about each other and yourself through the cards that come up

  • Trust in your intuition to create readings for others and yourself 

  • Experience reading for others from a place of neutrality and non-judgment 

  • Hang out in our beautiful high-vibe healing space/ classroom


  • Tarot workbook with hot Tarot tips

  • Local Reiki-charged tea + snacks (3hrs only)

2-3 hours. 6 people max. Private group pricing starts at $200


Tarot Party - 2hr

Great for groups larger than 6 looking to celebrate and connect with each other through Tarot

Bring some extra magic to your celebration with this totally hands-on learning party that will have all your favorite people reading Tarot together! Perfect for all levels, we’ll start with an easy introduction - from the structure of a Tarot deck to how to create interpretations from a place of neutrality. Then we’ll dive right into reading for each other using using a fun 3-person group format that allows for more sharing and layered readings. Everyone will get a chance to have and give readings! If there’s a person being celebrated, they’ll also receive a collective reading from the entire group. All Tarot Spreads will be supportive and can be customized to the theme of the celebration or retreat. 


  • Explore and learn about the Tarot with all your favorite people

  • Celebrate in a fun, authentic way that brings everyone closer

  • Create space for the person being celebrated to really feel supported

  • Connect members of your group that may not know each other as well

  • Practice skills for tapping into your intuition that you can take with you


  • Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck(s)

  • Custom Salem gift bags put together by the witches of the HausWitch store

  • Private Shopping @ the HausWitch store

2hrs. 20 people max. Private group pricing starts @ $300


Tarot for Business

Perfect for a business team looking to promote creativity, connection, and intuition in the work place

Go beyond typical team-building exercises with this unique hands-on Tarot workshop designed especially for businesses small and large. Tarot is not about predicting the future, but about seeing where we are more clearly; making it a powerful tool for reflection. We’ll start off with a quick overview of Tarot basics and then dive right into practicing the skills that truly make for a cohesive and successful workplace, including creating a collective vision, trusting your gut, harnessing intuition, holding space, listening with neutrality, staying present, and overcoming self-doubt. Throughout the workshop, we’ll experiment with different forms of collective readings with everyone getting a chance to give and receive readings. 

Questions can customized to the needs of the workplace and may include topics such as “How do you most naturally lead and how do you most naturally follow?” “What blocks stand in the way of your creative voice and how do you overcome them?” “How do you offer help to others and how do you receive help?”


  • Build stronger connections between your work team

  • Understand the people you work with more clearly

  • Discover your team’s hidden talents that can continue to be fostered 

  • Spark new conversations and creative ideas

  • Promote self-reflection and self-care


Community Tarot Salon

Every last Tuesday of the month 7-9pm

Perfect for individuals who want a supportive space to start or continue their Tarot practice 

Join us for this monthly community event that promotes collective magical learning through Tarot. Every month, we’ll explore a new Minor Arcana card with Tarot Spreads inspired by the energy of that card. Every Salon includes a guided meditation, an overview of the card, partner readings, and a closing collective reading where small groups read for one person at a time. All levels welcome! Bring a deck if you have one and a notebook. Co-facilitated with Zhana Levisky of Yes,Wolf Spirit. Find upcoming dates on the HausWitch Events Page.

2hrs. 20 people max. $12pp

Salons are held at HausWitch Home + Healing, 144 Washington Street, Salem, MA